Class Descriptions 


A practice best suited for the yogi with flow experience. This class aims to build strength, tone and detox the body. Modifications are offered for your practice. Practice incorporates long holds in challenging poses with flow transitions using a vinyasa style flow.

4wk Beginner Series 

For those brand new to yoga, or for those with some yoga experience wanting to work on healthy, safe alignment. Beginners yoga will introduce you to yoga poses, breath, mindfulness, and simple transitions between poses. Each class in the series builds on the last class, as such, the series classes are not open for drop-in. 

Gentle & Meditation

Soulful, gentle movement with breath practices, to share in the sacred practice of yoga. Creating space for anyone interested in community with others. All levels

Yin Yoga 

A practice for those interested in receiving the amazing benefits of a yoga practice without overly strenuous activity, or as a great way to balance an active practice or lifestyle. Yin yoga (deep tissue stretching/strengthening) involves relaxing the muscles in order to work within deeper connective tissues in and around the joints.  Seated poses are held for 3 - 6 minutes.  All levels.

Slow Flow 

Practice includes yoga poses, breath, mindfulness, and connecting poses with various slow flow (moving) transitions. Practice moves slower than the regular flow class.  Previous yoga experience required . Modifications are offered througout the practice to bring poses into your body safely and thoughtfully. 


60 min Private Yoga session for all levels. $50 per hour for up to 2 people. Please email sharyn@sharyn' or call 610-952-6795 to arrange a time. Will work with your schedule.


A good practice for those wanting to avoid weight bearing into shoulders and wrists due to injury or sensitivity. Practice builds strength, stability, balance and flexibility.  This is a more stationary practice with some slow flow, without plank transitions (i.e., no high to low plank to up dog, to down dog).


Slow gentle class of seated twists, folds, gentle hip openers, low back stretching, balancing and standing poses.  All levels 


A meditative practice with a focus on relaxation, including resting postures in which the body is supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks.  All levels.

Yoga Nidra 

Candlelit practice, offering gentle verbal guidance leading to a state of full awareness of the inner world within a deep state of relaxation.  Reduces tension and anxiety. All levels class.